Express Wireless Locations and Log-in Information

For Windows Users: You may need to change your network connection if you were previously connected to a Local Area Network in your home or office. In your browser window, select “Tools”, then “Internet Options” and the “Connections” tab. Click “LAN settings.” If you have a proxy server checked, uncheck it. You may also need to go to “start” then “Control Panel”, “Wireless Network Connections” and make sure your wireless card is enabled. Right click on the wireless card and “Buckeye Wireless” should be one of your available networks.

For Macintosh Users: You will need to select the “Buckeye Wireless” network from your wireless connection drop-down menu in your Apple tool bar (look for the signal strength indicator)

Logging on: Once you have selected and successfully connected to the “Buckeye Wireless” network, open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc). After doing so, you will automatically be redirected to a login page which will prompt you for your Express username and password. You will need to log in using the same username and password that you use to access Member Services. If you are presently a Express subscriber and have forgotten you Member Services username or password, please call our help desk at 419.724.9800 between 6am and 1am so we can assist you. If you are not a current Express subscriber, you can create a user ID and enter payment information. Once you have completed the login steps listed above, your home page should display. You’re now ready to use the wireless high-speed connection.

Special Instructions: Be sure to keep the logout page minimized and available in order to log out properly from the Buckeye Wireless network.


Holland Library1032 S. McCord Rd., Holland


Barry Bagels 302 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee

Brandywine 6904 Salisbury Rd., Maumee

Maumee Library 501 River Rd., Maumee

Wolf Creek YMCA 2100 S. Holland-Sylvania Rd., Maumee

Fort Meigs Center for Health Promotion 13415 Eckel Junction Rd., Perrysburg

Way Public Library 101 E. Indiana Ave., Perrysburg


South Briar Restaurant 5147 Main St., Sylvania•

Sylvania Library 6749 Monroe St., Sylvania

Fifth Third Field 406 Washington St., Toledo

The Glass City Cafe 1107 Jackson St., Toledo•

Grumpy's 34 S. Huron St., Toledo•

Main Library 325 N. Michigan St., Toledo

PJ’s Deli 500 Madison Ave., Toledo

Summit YMCA 306 Bush St., Toledo

The Toledo Club 235 14th St., Toledo•


Birmingham Library 203 Paine Ave., Toledo

Locke Library 806 Main St., Toledo


Barry Bagels Westgate 3301 W. Central Ave., Toledo

Scrambler Marie’s 3344 Secor Rd. Toledo

Sanger Library 3030 W. Central Ave., Toledo


Mott Library 1085 Dorr St., Toledo


Lagrange Library 3422 Lagrange St., Toledo


South Library 1736 Broadway St., Toledo

Toledo Heights Library 423 Shasta Dr., Toledo


Kent Library 3101 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo


Point Place Library 2727 117th St., Toledo


Mancy’s Steaks 953 Phillips Ave., Toledo

West Toledo Library 1320 Sylvania Ave., Toledo


Heatherdowns Library 3265 Glanzman Rd., Toledo


Reynolds Corners Library 4833 Dorr St., Toledo


Eastern Community YMCA 2960 Pickle Rd., Oregon

Oregon Library 3340 Dustin Rd., Oregon


Tuffy Associates Corp. 7403 Central Ave., Toledo


Barry Bagels 4024 Holland-Sylvania Rd., Sylvania

Mancy’s Italian Restaurant 5453 Monroe St., Toledo

Washington Library 5560 Harvest Ln., Toledo


Venetian Marina 2035 1st St., Sandusky

Donut Time at Cedar Point One Cedar Point Dr., Sandusky•


Francis Family YMCA 2000 W. Dean Rd., Temperance

• = Locations listed provide Express WiFi service for all their patrons at no charge. Restrictions may apply.

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